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New groups guidance

Maybe you have seen the existing groups and spotted a gap in village activities. Perhaps you have a burning idea but no-one to share it with. Or maybe you are a group of people looking to formalise your activities.

This website is designed in part to facilitate the formation of new groups by helping provide a consolidated platform for group publicisation. Please however note that the council cannot assist further in actual group creation. Although bear in mind we do offer limited group grants, for which an application can be found here.

The Facebook forum is designed for organic discussion surrounding new group activities and can be a good place to start. We appreciate groups can be formed in other ways including by offline methods. This is just one way to facilitate people starting the discussion, and then providing a platform for publicisation. You can find out more about the forum here.

When a group has been formed, please then follow the steps for creating a profile. This will provide visitors to the site with a consolidated and uniform picture of current group activity within Crofton.

We wish you every success and hope this resource is of benefit to you and the wider village.



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