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How to create a group profile

How to create a group profile

Please firstly go through the relevant sections to gather the necessary information.

If you are proceeding with creating a page please read the following PDF document for all necessary information on creation, amendment and deletion of the page: Quick Info Sheet – Group Profile

Please note this section of the site is currently being developed and will go live shortly, please bear with us until this section has been completed.

Please then complete the following 3 forms immediately below in PDF format and return these to:

  1. Village Group template: Village group template
  2. Village Groups declaration form: Village groups declaration form 
  3. Group Admin contact details form:

We will then create a profile for you and confirm this through sharing the link to you by email. Please allow us a few days to arrange this.

Once a profile has been created, please ensure this information is kept up-to-date. This is for your benefit, so that visitors can engage fully with your group. Instructions on how to do so are found in the following PDF document: Quick Info Sheet – Group Profile



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