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Group FAQs:

  • Does the council create a full website for me?

No, we do not. All we provide is one page where key information can be displayed. We do not have the capacity or facilities on our site to create a full website for you. Please note the page is not meant to be a substitute to, but instead an addition for, groups that need a website to display all relevant information and functionalities. For these groups the page is essentially a ‘landing page’ which can be used to direct users to more detailed information on their website.

  • Will you take control of my website?

No, we will absolutely not do this and we do not bear any responsibility for external sites in general. You will retain control of your website and can treat your page as another channel of communication to direct users to your site.

  • Who is responsible for keeping the information on my page up-to-date?

You are. The council takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions of information on your page, which must be accurate in order to retain access to this service.

  • Does the council provide advertising services?

No, we do not provide general advertising services. This site is supported by the annual precept and not advertising revenue. In terms of creating a group profile on our site, the main aim is to disseminate information for the benefit of residents who may want to engage with you. We understand that a by-product of this is advertisement for what you do but this is not an official service we are seeking to provide. We have however created the forum for the purposes of advertising group activities, which may include fundraising activities.

Please note we do not cater for any business advertising.

  • How is the personal data created on my page processed and managed?

This is a good question. Please consult the Website Data Protection Policy and the General Data Protection Policy for the necessary information. You will be required to read these policies in any case to set up a group profile. Should this not be fully sufficient please contact our Clerk here.

Please note that when we create your page we will request your consent to the terms of these policies.

  • Who owns the intellectual property rights for my page?

You do. The council will not seek to own such content created on its site. We do however retain copyright over the template.

  • ‘’I think there is space for a new group in doing X’’

One of the intentions in consolidating and updating information on village groups is to show where there are gaps (where there is a need for a new village group or to extend the activities of an existing group) and we have created a Facebook forum here where like-minded individuals can communicate about this need. Please note whilst CPC is providing this forum it does not have the capacity to be involved in the group creation process.

  • I believe another user is infringing these conditions/other concerns – what can I do?

Please notify us at and we will review this in line with our policies, taking appropriate action where this is required.

  • I think that the site has things missing in general – can I make suggestions?

Yes, certainly. You can submit feedback here. We appreciate your feedback and where this is received we will carefully review it. However, by doing so we do not commit to carrying out the improvements so requested, as we must consider the effect on all groups and the extent of our resources.

User/resident FAQs:

  • I am a resident wanting to get involved in an existing group. Can I communicate with them through this website?

You cannot communicate directly through this website with groups, however groups will provide contact details as part of their template and may also interact on the forum, so you may use these ways to communicate directly.



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