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Crofton Village Groups Forum

There are several Facebook forums which have been provided for general village discussion and interaction, which can be found here.

However there is no current forum set up specifically for residents to communicate on group matters.

This forum has been set up for two main purposes:

1. To create a space for residents to organically discuss and move forward ideas for group creation.

2. For groups to publicise their activities.

It is not to be confused with another forum with a similar name: Crofton Village Group. The council is fully aware of this forum and it is not our intention to duplicate the purpose of this forum. It is instead to provide a specific space for group discussion and advertisement which is prohibited under the former forum. Our forum already has around 200 likes/follows and we would encourage all residents using Crofton Village Group forum to also follow this forum. The more people that do so the more effective it will be. In particular discussion will be most effective if usership is broadly the same between both platforms.

Our forum can be found here.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our Social Media Usage Policy and our Forum Policy prior to use.



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