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Village Groups

This section is designated to the creation of group ‘profiles’ or ‘pages’. Please note these terms are used interchangeably throughout this website and have the same meaning. A page is created using this template: Village group template which reflects how key information will be displayed. The idea is for groups and residents to be able to interact through providing a consolidated, uniform picture of which groups are operating in Crofton and how to get involved with their activities and events. It is also intended to inspire the creation of new groups by spotting ‘gaps’ in current provision. Therefore, it will be most useful if all current groups participate. You can view what an existing group profile looks like here.

Please navigate this section using the following links:

To see the profiles of existing groups in Crofton, please see the group profiles table.

If you are a new or existing group looking to create a profile please follow the steps here.

Please click here for new group guidance and here for existing group guidance.

The Crofton Village Groups Forum has been created for groups to organically discuss formation or to publicise group activities. Please see more information here.

In conjunction with setting up a profile you must read and agree to the following policies:

Website Data Protection Policy found here.

General Data Protection Policy found here.

Social Media Usage Policy found here.

Group Profile Conditions found here.

If you intend to use the forum at any time, now or in the future, please read and agree to the following policy:

Forum Policy found here.



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