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As part of the council’s operations we have now received monies from WMDC to be spent on ‘green spaces’ around the village. This funding can be difficult to obtain, and therefore, as we make decisions on how to allocate it, we want to offer residents of Crofton the opportunity to submit ideas and proposals for ‘green space projects’ which, in the end, are to be enjoyed by all residents. 

It is important to note the scope of ‘Green spaces’, which covers: development and maintenance of sports grounds; allotments; drainage improvement to parks; and flood retention for the foregoing. Additionally, removal and planting of trees, and bulb planting village wide. Furthermore, removal or replacement of old information signs as well as introduction of more informative new signs. 

If you have any ideas/proposals of projects in your local area or otherwise, within the village, please do let us know at by no later than Saturday 29th February 2020. Please note that the council will consider all ideas/proposals submitted by this date, but we unequivocally make no guarantee or commitment that any or all proposals will be carried forward, as all such projects using this funding must be approved by WMDC employing their own criteria. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to engage and look forward to receiving your submissions.