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At our October monthly meeting we were fortunate to co-opt two new members onto our council.

Councillor Harrison expressed that he is inspired ”to bring the community together more by addressing the concerns of the people of Crofton and to make it a better, safer and happier place for everyone that lives in the Parish.”

Councillor Elson expressed that becoming  ”a Crofton Parish Councillor is fantastic and a dream for me. As a few people know I like to carry out volunteer work around the village ie litter picking, cutting grass and tidying footpaths, now I have been elected as a councillor I am hoping I can extend/expand the work to keep the village looking lovely and help the people of Crofton and make Crofton an even better place to live.”

We are very much looking forward to the positive contributions and input that our new councillors will bring and thank them for making this commitment to serve our local community.

We now have 12 councillors in total, and with a quota of 13 places, still have one vacancy remaining. If you are interested in joining the council please express your interest to our clerk (details in the ‘Contact us’ section) and please attend our next monthly meeting as detailed.