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On 15 August 2019, a Community Day was held at Crofton churchyard and cemetery. The churchyard is part of the church and contains a number of older graves which surround the building. As you walk past the church towards Churchway, the council’s cemetery is on the right hand side of the path, with newer graves.

In the churchyard, the bench was renovated and painted, the area was cleared of weeds and was made more aesthetically pleasing and safe. In the cemetery, fencing was erected, shruberry was pruned and the gravel path to where the ashes were interrred was extended.

This work included paving stones being moved and either relaid or put into storage, which is physically demanding work.

The Parish Council would like to extend a special measure of thanks to DS Smith Packaging and all who were involved on the day, and you can read our letter expressing gratitude here: H PACKAGING – Work carried out in Crofton Churchyard and Cemetery