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Crofton Parish Council holds its Annual Parish meeting 30 minutes before its regular monthly meeting in May.

At this meeting, the chairman and vice-chairman are appointed and all councillors are appointed to various working parties. This is for the next 12 months, until re-consideration at the next annual meeting.

The results of the meeting are as follows:

Chairman 2019-20: Councillor Ripley

Vice-chairman 2019-20: Councillor Robinson *

Parish Centre working party 2019-20: Councillors Chalkley and Bennett

Village Association working party 2019-20: Councillors Chalkley, Bennett, Kimbley and Robinson

Allotments working party 2019-20: Councillors Hewitt and Robinson

Cemetery working party 2019-20: Councillors Schofield and Barnsley

Website working party 2019-20: Councillor Gordon

*NB This post has been updated to reflect the November 2019 resignation of Councillor Hampshire and December 2019 appointment of Councillor Robinson.