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Social media usage policy

Social media use policy

The council operates through three social media profiles.

1. Our Facebook Profile, which is intended for the dissemination of important parish council information and interaction with village residents through posts and forum interaction. 

2. Our Twitter Profile, which is intended solely for the dissemination of important parish council information. 

3. Our Facebook Forum, which is for group discussion, creation and advertisement. 

By using our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) you agree to the following conditions.

  • The main purpose of our social media channels is for information dissemination to users rather than comment between users. We do not wish for this to be a platform for debate on council actions or policies. However, we do understand that clarification is needed at times, regarding further detail or reasoning, and we invite engagement in this way through comments or messages to Crofton Parish Council (CPC) on these platforms. Where you engaged with us in this way, we will aim to respond within a reasonable timeframe. We do not warrant the accuracy of clarification obtained from any third party.
  • If you do wish to debate or express your opinion on council policy or actions, or any other matter related directly or indirectly to the council we invite you to engage with us directly through the applicable platform, the website or our other contact details (phone and address for other correspondence) or attend one of our monthly meetings. We do not necessarily hold the same views or information as users which may engage on the site and will not warrant any information provided by them.
  • Crofton Parish Council does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained on its social media channels. The posts created by CPC on our social media channels will direct users to relevant parts of our website. Where there is a discrepancy between information contained on the website and on social media channels, users should in the first instance seek clarification, and failing that, information on the website should be followed in priority to that on our social media channels.
  • Crofton Parish Council will not tolerate any content, whether written or otherwise, distributed in whatever manner on its social media channels which is vile, malicious or discriminatory based on personal characteristics. It reserves the right to remove this information immediately without consultation.
  • Crofton Parish Council reserves the unequivocal right to remove any content which infringes any law or regulation, whether current, future or otherwise, whether related to intellectual property protection or any other matter.
  • Crofton Parish Council reserves the right to remove users who repeatedly violate these conditions or whose single breach, in the council’s discretion, is so serious as to warrant an immediate ban.
  • If you feel that another user or CPC has violated these conditions please advise the council in the first instance so that we can review this and take appropriate action.
  • The social media channels are publicly accessible by any user on these platforms. Therefore, if you have any concerns about data protection you should refer to the data protection policy of the platform in question.
  • The social media channels are owned and operated by CPC which reserves the right to remove, amend, alter and re-post content as well as discontinue, rename or repurpose these channels at any time, provided that users are notified within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Crofton Parish Council has no control over, or responsibility for changes made to these platforms by Twitter and/or Facebook and therefore will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or inconvenience caused by these changes.
  • CPC reserves the right to review and update these conditions at any time.

1st version: November 2018



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