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It is worth emphasising that your local library contains a vast array of books, and this can only be truly appreciated by coming down to have a proper look, but to give a virtual tour:

When you enter the library, on your immediate left you will find a selection of talking books and classic fiction e.g. Charles Dickens; ‘Oliver Twist’; ‘Vanity Fair’; ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy and many others.

As you proceed clockwise around the walls of the library, you will find a range of Adult fiction books, sorted in alphabetical order by the author’s surname, and under the following headings:

A-C > D-G > G-H > H-K > K-M > M-O > P-R > R-S > S-Z

You will also come to a section with a range of crime novels and fiction in the far left-hand corner.

In addition the middle aisle furthest away from the entrance contains Adult fiction books, arranged again by the author’s surname, as follows:

A-B > B-C > C > C-D

The other middle aisle (nearest the entrance) contains the following books, proceeding in a clockwise direction from the entrance:

Teenage books: e.g. Harry Potter; CS Lewis; JRR Tolkien; ‘Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

Reference books e.g. dictionaries; encyclopedias; historical books

Local history and archive: contains editions of ‘History of Crofton’ as edited by Peter Jacques in addition to similar histories of the surrounding area; information on Crofton’s war memorials as well as historical documents of interest; a copy of the Local Development Framework

Large Print books

Once you have come to the end of the Adult-fiction section (S-Z) you will be beside the exit door on the far side from the entrance; you will then find on your right-hand side, the following along the wall, from right to left:

War fiction/non-fiction


Non-fiction: biographies; food; travel; gardening and plants and much more

Finally you come to the ‘children’s corner’ in the far right-hand corner, which contains a large range of books for young children (Infant School age)


The library also has a small kitchen, if you would like to take a hot drink, as well as a number of tables and chairs if you would like to read within the libary.

In addition, we can also order books if we do not have them and think they will be popular. Surplus books are also for sale in the Library.

Loaning policy:

Books can be borrowed initially for three weeks, but can be renewed after this period, even by phone. At present there is no fine for late returns but we do require contact details so that we may contact the borrower if books are not returned for a long period of time.

Copies of Parish Council meeting minutes are also held in the Library along with a copy of the current Wakefield Express.




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