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Conditions of Use

Conditions of use

By your use of this website you hereby agree to the following conditions of use:

  • Crofton Parish Council makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of any material, whether written or otherwise, contained on this website. CPC will not be held liable or responsible for any loss through errors or omissions in content contained on this site.
  • Crofton Parish Council does not make any warranty to the accuracy of council documents, whether agendas, minutes or financial documents, both as to the status or the content therein, which is subject to change. It therefore does not take any responsibility for any act or omission deriving from these documents which causes loss or inconvenience.
  • Crofton Parish Council does not warrant or take responsibility as regards the accuracy of content contained on external sites. Whilst CPC will aim to ensure that external links remain accurate, it does not warrant the accuracy of any such links included on the website and will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused thereby.
  • Crofton Parish Council does not warrant the accuracy of information included by third parties on the site such as village groups and amenities. However, such groups agree to include information which in their knowledge is accurate based on the details available at that time. CPC reserves the right to remove or seek the amendment of information provided by such groups and amenities which is deemed to be misleading, whether initially or subsequently.
  • Crofton Parish Council will pay an annual hosting charge to MFMedia which will cover amongst other things website security and the maintenance of an in-date SSL certificate. Users are responsible for obtaining their own computer security protection and CPC will not be held liable for any loss, damage, costs or inconvenience caused by a computer virus as a result of accessing this site or an external link.
  • Crofton Parish Council will include internally created content as well as content created by third parties. The content included on this website will not necessarily reflect the views of the council and/or the editors of this website.
  • Crofton Parish Council will endeavour to ensure that any content on this website is not malicious, vile, or discriminatory on the basis of personal characteristics. CPC reserves the right to remove any content, whether created by the council or a third party, which is initially or subsequently deemed to infringe this condition.
  • CPC as a processor of personal information (data) will ensure that it complies with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation. As a condition of use, third party creators of content or data must follow the Data Protection policy. If a user is deemed to be in breach of this policy the council reserves the right to remove the infringing content or data.
  • CPC makes no warranty, and will not be held responsible for, the compliance of external sites with the General Data Protection Regulation and is therefore not liable for any damage caused by a breach committed by an external link.
  • Crofton Parish Council has included a listing of village groups and amenities in line with its main aim of relevant information dissemination to new and current local residents. This inclusion is not an endorsement by CPC and residents should seek all necessary information from the applicable group or amenity as appropriate when deciding to engage thereby. This condition applies in the same effect to the listing of any businesses on the site.
  • CPC reserves the right to alter, amend and update these conditions of use at any time, due to a change in legislation or otherwise, provided that users are updated of the changes within a reasonable timeframe.


1st version: November 2018



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