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District Council

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (WMDC) is part of a 2-tier system of local government, which encompasses Crofton.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is Crofton’s county council (the first tier) responsible for providing services such as education, social services and waste disposal. The authority works with district councils to deliver better transport and housing, regenerate towns and cities and protect the environment. Their site can be found here for more information.

WMDC forms the second tier, as each county council area is subdivided into districts, for which there is an independent district council. District councils are responsible for local services such as rubbish collection, housing and planning applications. The range of services from WMDC can be found here.

Each District Council is further subdivided into Wards, which cover certain sections of the District. The District Council is represented locally by District Councillors, who represent the interests of their Ward within the District Council.

Crofton is part of Ward 5, which also covers Ryhill and Walton. You can find out more about the role of the councillors in this Ward, and who they are, in this section. As a Metropolitan District, councillors are elected on a staggered basis ‘by thirds’ meaning at each election a third of the council (i.e. a third of the Ward representatives) are elected for a four year term, usually in May.



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