Councillors and their Working Parties


Working Party Members
Chair Councillor Trevor Bruce Chalkley
Vice Chair Councillor Simon Jeremy Bennett
  Councillor John Barnsley
  Councillor Robert Elson
  Councillor Carol Gee
  Councillor Bob Hewitt
  Councillor Eric Robinson
  Councillor Esme Slater
  Councillor Richard Tucknott
  Councillor Sylvia Walker
  Councillor Dwayne Walkington


Crofton Parish Council currently has vacancies for Parish Councillors. If you are interested in applying, please contact the Parish Clerk on

Registration of Councillor’s Interests

The Localism Act 2011 s29 requires a Parish Council with a website to publish the register of interests of its members: Parish council – Crofton Parish Council (as held by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council)

Working Parties:

Working Party Members
Allotments Cllrs Hewitt and Walkington
Cemetery Cllrs Slater, Barnsley and Chalkley
Finance Cllrs Robinson, Barnsley and Bennett
Floral Displays Cllrs Slater, Walker and Walkington
Parish Centre and Library Cllrs Bennett and Walker
Village Association Cllrs Chalkley, Barnsley and Bennett
Website Cllr Slater

Other Parish Groups.

Library- Cllr Bennett

Constable and Pinders- Cllr Barnsley