View of the Parish Centre Crofton

About Crofton Parish Council

Being a parish councillor is a voluntary task, often maligned, rarely praised, with few rewards, certainly none financial, but extremely good for the soul. Although the lowest level of local government, it’s important because of its close contact with the community.

Roles, duties and responsibilities of a Crofton Parish Councillor


  • Represent the views and concerns of residents and bring such matters to the attention of the council
  • Should actively participate in the Council meeting, suggest ideas, resolve issues and endeavour to improve the community they represent
  • Before attending their first meeting, sign a declaration of acceptance of office and abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct
  • Have a duty to complete a register of interests and declare any personal, prejudicial or pecuniary interests at any meeting they attend
  • Have a duty to attend council meetings and if unable to attend submit an apology

Councillors will often also be involved, either as part of the full council, or as part of a working party, in making decisions relating to land and property that the council leases or owns.