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The council owns the land which holds the allotments at Hare Park Lane and Pontefract Road, whilst it leases the land which holds the allotments at Oak Street.

Allotment funds are an important part of the council’s general funding. Allotment rents are paid for annually, and are collected around the beginning of each calendar year, usually in January.

The working party ensures that applications and requests for renting allotments are assessed and processed according to the policy, and allotment rents are collected, whilst also ensuring current allotment holders abide by the terms of the policy, and if necessary considering enforcement options for breaches of the policy. Sometimes these matters are considered before the full council in one of our monthly meetings.

The working party is run by Councillors Hewitt and Robinson, who work in co-ordination with Parish Clerk Riley.

The best point of contact is Parish Clerk Barry Riley, who you can contact here.

Hare Park Lane

Pontefract Road

Oak Street



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