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**Important information regarding COVID-19 precautions**

                                                                                                                 USE OF SIDINGS FACILITIES FOR FOOTBALL MATCHES

                                                                                                                                  (Crofton Sports AFC)

Preamble Since the introduction of government special measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic disease, the building has remained locked and currently out of bounds to all sporting events.

As the government has gradually relaxed some regulations, further guidance given on 17/07/20 has allowed some sporting activities to take place. Previously Changing rooms were not to be used however since those earlier guides further guidelines to allow the use of Changing Rooms have been given. Those guidelines will allow Changing Rooms to be used on a strictly limited basis. Obviously all sporting activities require toilet facilities therefore part of the Sidings Facility may be opened in a limited capacity to access toilets.

Risk Assessment A full Risk Assessment has been carried out previously, more details of which can be found here.

The principle risk would be persons coming into contact with the disease which could prove fatal especially to those clinically vulnerable to medical illnesses or being over the age of 70, neither of which should enter the building at the current time.

Rules for use of Changing Room facilities (To be marshalled by the designated COVID Officer)

Pre –match Changing

  1. Where possible both teams should turn up to games changed and leave changed. Referees should have already been instructed to do likewise.
  2. ONLY Six persons may be allowed within the building at one time. Both teams should be instructed to turn up early but avoid mixing in more than groups of six outside if waiting to enter. The home team should be changed and ready prior to the away team arriving. Kits and a plastic bag should be given to each player before entering the building to change.
  3. There should be no team talks, managers or physio’s in the changing rooms. There should be no shouting.
  4. A separate (Large) changing room will be allocated to each team.. the door to each changing room must remain open to avoid touching. The extraction fans must be running whilst persons are in the Changing Rooms.
  5. Each changing must be marked so as to designate safe social distancing of 2.00m. This could be done by marking pegs which can be used.
  6. No one should enter the building unless wearing a face covering at all times. Each player should wash their hand or use a Sanitiser before entering and after leaving the Changing Rooms.
  7. No food or drinks are to be taken into the building.
  8. Once all players are changed that particular Changing Room must be locked the table (Barrier) placed across the corridor inbye of the disabled toilet (Please note that this is the only toilet that may be used as a Unisex toilet at this time) then the building vacated and locked. All handles and touch points must be wiped down using antiseptic wipes.
  9. No balls, Nets, Flags or other football related paraphernalia is to taken into the Building at any time.

Post-match Changing

  1. As previous where possible players should change at home. Again only six players are allowed in the building at one time being from one side only. Doors left open and social distancing observed within the building. Again the extractor fans must be running. No food or drinks are to be taken into the building.
  2. Face covering must again be worn whilst in the building. Hand sanitisers should be used entering and leaving the building
  3. Should any player require a shower then a maximum of no more than 2 persons may shower at a time these showering in opposite corners of the shower.
  4. Kits MUST not be thrown into a pile but each individual kit put into a plastic bag then taken out of the building by that player where each team will make collection arrangements.
  5. Once all players are changed and have left the building, each changing room must be swept and all handles and touch points again be wiped down using antiseptic wipes.

Use of toilet

  1. Anyone wishing to use a toilet during the game must acquire the key to the building.
  2. No one may go beyond the Disabled Toilet and a physical barrier placed in the corridor with a sign NO PERSON BEYOND HERE
  3. The toilet will only be allowed access for the duration of a match
  4. Only ONE person may use the toilet at a time.
  5. A control system must be set up ie this could be a reversible sign at the entrance to the building. On one side IN USE the other VACANT. A similar system may be acceptable.
  6. Anyone who uses the toilet must ‘Wash their hands’ and wipe down with a ‘antibacterial’ cloth/ tissue all handles or toilet seats used. They should then use an ‘antibacterial’ gel on their hands.
  7. Clean down all entrance/ exit handles and check that the toilet remains clean and sanitised upon the match completion. Ensure fans are turned off.

Once the match is complete, check the toilet once again then exit the building. The building may not be re-entered for 72 hours:- the Parish Council will notify its employees when it is safe to re-enter the building

Cllr Trevor Chalkley (Crofton Parish Council)



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