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Community Infastructure Levy

The Community Infastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (CIL) requires WMDC to pass a certain percentage of receipts gathered through these regulations from developers building within the village boundaries to the parish council, for use on local infastructure or otherwise accomodating the effect of local developments. Therefore, in contrast to s.106 funds, these funds come solely from local, rather than District-wide developments, of which the council receives a certain percentage.

Generally the percentage of receipts depends on the adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan: parish councils with a plan get 25% whilst parish councils without a plan get 15%. However in the case of Crofton Parish Council. whilst a decision has been made previously to not adopt a Neighbourhood plan for the village, the council is eligible for 25% of receipts as WMDC has overruled this to give all councils 25% regardless of whether they have adopted a plan or not.

WMDC is obligated to distribute this percentage of funds to parish councils. The rest is spent District-wide.



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