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Monthly payment receipts

Each year the council agrees an annual budget which forms the basis of its precept.

Each month the Clerk produces a report of income and expenditure for the past month, to be reviewed and approved at that meeting. This shows how the council is working within its budget month-on-month.

The clerk will also often produce a summary of payments to be made and/or approved. This is provided at the meeting for councillors to review and decide and unfortunately cannot be provided to members of the public beforehand.

You can find the relevant monthly report below, in PDF format. The month/year next to the PDF document is the month of the meeting in which it is considered, with the exception of August where no meeting is held (August and September are considered in September’s meeting), organised from oldest to most recent. The period covered by the reports is approximately one week before the previous meeting to approximately one week before the present meeting, and any payments falling between the end of that period and the present meeting may be produced in the summary of payments referred to above. Therefore councillors consider the expenditure over the previous month in each meeting:

October 2018: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019

November 2018: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019

December 2018: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019(6)

January 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019(7)

February 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019

March 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2018-2019

April 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020

May 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020-1 2

June 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 1

July 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 2

August 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020-1

September 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 3

October 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 4

November 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 5

December 2019: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 6

Jauary 2020: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 7

February 2020: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 8

March 2020: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2019-2020 9

July 2020 [REMOTE]: Copy of PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

September 2020 [REMOTE]: Copy of PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

October 2020 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

November 2020 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021 Nov

December 2020 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

January 2021 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

February 2021 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021

March 2021 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021 – CPC

April 2021 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2020-2021-1

May 2021 [REMOTE]: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

August 2021: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

September 2021: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022 (1)

October 2021: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022 (1)

November 2021: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

December 2021: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

January 2022: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

February 2022: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2021-2022

March 2022: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2022-2023

April 2022: PAYMENTS_RECEIPTS-2022-2023





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