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Extraordinary meeting minutes

Here you can find the minutes for each extraordinary meeting.

November 2019 provisional minutes: CPC-ExtraordinaryMinutesNov19 – Draft

November 2019 finalised minutes: CPC-ExtraordinaryMinutesNov19 – Final

February 2020 provisional minutes: CPC-ExtraordinaryMinutesFeb20 – Draft

February 2020 finalised minutes: CPC-ExtraordinaryMinutesFeb20

June 2020 provisional minutes [REMOTE]: CPC-RemoteExtraordinaryMinutes 15 June 20

June 2020 finalised minutes [REMOTE]: CPC-RemoteExtraordinaryMinutes 15 June 20 final

July 2020 provisional minutes [REMOTE]: CPC-MinutesRemoteExtraordinaryMeetingJuly20 – Draft

July 2020 finalised minutes [REMOTE]: CPC-MinutesRemoteExtraordinaryMeetingJuly20 – Final

August 2021 provisional minutes: CPC-Minutes Aug 2021 – Draft

August 2021 finalised minutes: 






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